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Looking for a reusable alternative to the paper Christmas cracker crowns? Check out our Colourful Crochet Christmas Crown! Available in two sizes - Child (about 20 inches) and Adults (about 23 inches) - this fun and festive crown is perfect for adding some holiday cheer to your celebrations. Handcrafted with colourful yarn, it's sure to make you stand out at any party. Plus, you can use it year after year. Order yours today


With this item the more you buy* the more you save.

2 Crowns = 5% off
3 Crowns = 10% off
4 Crowns = 15% off
5 Crowns = 20% off
6 Crowns = 25% off
7 Crowns = 30% off
8 Crowns = 35% off
9 Crowns = 40% off
10 Crowns = 45% off


* Discounts are only applied when buying multiples of the same colour and size.


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Please Note:

The colours may vary slightly due to lighting conditions when the photo was taken.

Custom orders may take a little longer to dispatch if the colour wanted is not in stock. You will be informed if this is the case ASAP.

Crochet Christmas Crown