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Make your Christmas extra special with our Crochet Christmas Crown with Fluffy Edge. Say goodbye to disposable paper crowns and opt for this reusable and eco-friendly alternative. Available in two size options, Child (about 20 inches) and Adults (about 23 inches), this crown is perfect for the whole family. The fluffy edge adds a touch of whimsy to this festive accessory. Handmade with love, this crochet crown is sure to become a cherished part of your holiday traditions.


With this item the more you buy* the more you save.

2 Crowns = 5% off
3 Crowns = 10% off
4 Crowns = 15% off
5 Crowns = 20% off
6 Crowns = 25% off
7 Crowns = 30% off
8 Crowns = 35% off
9 Crowns = 40% off
10 Crowns = 45% off


* Discounts are only applied when buying multiples of the same colour and size.


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Please Note:

The colours may vary slightly due to lighting conditions when the photo was taken.

Custom orders may take a little longer to dispatch if the colour wanted is not in stock. You will be informed if this is the case ASAP.

Crochet Christmas Crown with Fluffy Edge